farm history

The farm (now farm number 20/9 in Namsos Kommune) was split from Lia Farm in 1754 by Ingebrigt Halvorsen Spillum and given to his oldest son Halvor Ingebrigtsen Spillum. He was married to Kirsten Bertelsdatter Ranem, and all their 7 children died young. Kirsten remarried Lars Pedersen in 1776, after Halvors death, and the farm was given to Lars by testament when Kirsten died. It was eventually handed over to Lars son, Petter Christian Larsen. He sold the farm to his brother in law, Johannes I. Homstad. His son Ingebrigt Johannessen Spillum handed the farm over to Johannes Ingebrigtsen Spillum, Johannes married Kathrine Sofie Olsdatter Spillum in 1892, and the farm was again back in the Spillum family after 106 years. Since then it has been passed to my grandfather Trygve and my mother Ingrid Kathrine Spillum with my father Arnfinn Johnsen and eventuelly to me in 2006. From 1960 to 1970 the farm was rented out to Birger Skogmo with family. The farm has had no animals since 1970, and has been producing barley up untill my fathers stroke in 2000. Since then, the land has been rented out to neigbours. It has 77,9 DA farmland, 1300 DA productive forest (mostly Norway spruce) and 1900 DA other types, like mountain, bogs and lakes.


war time

At the start of world war II, French troops stayed in the barn with the animals for some days in April 1940. They were part of the "Chasseurs Alpins", French Alpine Hunters. I still have artifacts from their stay here. The Germans bombed the city of Namsos heavily. Winston Chruchill even mafe up the word "to be namsosed" because of this. The Germans built a camp for police troops on my land, and has since been converted to homes. It still bears the name "Leiren"=The Camp. See pictures below.

The Camp, my old barn to the right

The Camp

German soldiers skiing, my farm second from front, the camp in the background


Birger Skogmo rented the farm from 1960 to 1970


My ancestors comes mainly from Spillum, Gausdal, Jøa, Helgeland and Tingvoll with surnames Spillum, Johnsen, Skogmo and Strøm.


My heritage site

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