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Hello, my name is Pitinun Jornpakdee Johnsen, but people call me Nat .
I was born in Bangkok in 1975 and have one sister. We grew up in Nonthaburi just north of Bangkok. My parents are from Chaiyapum in the north-east of Thailand.
I took education as an accountant and worked for some years in CAT.
CAT is the Communication Authority of Thailand.
I have been married before and have a daughter, Ning, which is 18 years old.
She is deaf, but had cochlea implant inserted in March 2009. Hopefully she will be able to hear and maybe to have a spoken language. She now attends Skjetlein highschool in Trondheim, and joins us every third weekend.
In June 2011, our son Magnus was born in Namsos. 
In 2008 I finished the cource as official Tour guide and have worked as a guide for some tours. Met Håvard in 2008 and fell in love with him and Norway.
2010 I started Olav Duun vgs Helsefag and work part time in Overhalla sykeheim.

I like the nature and enjoy working in the garden. Have a big garden at Spillum where it is big possibilities

Diving is one other hobby

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Meine Name ist Dieter Schöne, bin 71- jähriger Rentner aus RForscher und suche in Spillum einen A nsprechpartner für ein historisches geschehen, welches vor

05.09 | 23:52

Neimen, så søt du va da Håkon

11.12 | 10:42

Added some Christmas things !

04.03 | 17:57
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