Welcome to my Genealogy page.

My relatives comes mainly from these places : Spillum and Klinga in Namsos, Brønnøy, Fosnes, Homstad i Overhalla, Bersaas in Tingvold, Gausdal, Nesna.

I tested out some shareware and demo programs, and ended up with the Norwegian program Familie og Slekt from Embla Norsk Familiehistorie.

The program works great for me so far, and since it is in Norwegian it is also easy to use for my family.

I have also joined the Norwegian organization DIS Norge, which is an organization for computerized Genealogy. They have many members with whom I can share information. They have also good lists and links over resources on the Internet. My database is uploaded there.

I have registered just over 2100 people so far.

Family tree

I had two web versions of my database, both converted to html by webGed Progenitor. One of them was really neat with search possibilities and ancestor/descendant charts, and all sorts of lists, enabled by using Java. The other one was for those who have browsers not supporting Java.
Since changing my serviceprovider I have not established any new tree here, but feel free to contact me for questions. Tree might show up here soon.


My main sources so far has been :

"Slekten Ellingsen, en gren av slekten Benkestok" by Charles Ellingsen
"Namdalsslekter" by Arne Mørkved (Spillum, Strand and Sællæg)
"John Olsen Hovde, "Stor John" og hans etterkommere" by Olga Homstad (Johnsen/Sævik)

If you need me to look up something in these books, I'll be glad to help.
Other than that, I've been using various sources on the Internet which you will find on the menu to your left.

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Meine Name ist Dieter Schöne, bin 71- jähriger Rentner aus RForscher und suche in Spillum einen A nsprechpartner für ein historisches geschehen, welches vor

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Added some Christmas things !

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